Processing / Manufacture

At MAGLIFICIO SELENE SRL the business cycle is still held in the traditional way. The production/manufacturing phase is developed in several stages:

The actual production begins with weaving: unlike forty years ago it is no longer done with manual knitting machines but with computerized machines, thanks to computer science, which allow a higher output per employee and the realization of a series of knitting stitches previously unthinkable. It is still needed qualified and experienced staff next to the machinery. After weaving, the cloth (almost always custom-made) is taken to the packaging department for the cut, that is made with a manual cutter.

The packaging of the item of clothing is an operation that takes place mainly with traditional technology: the machines used, although of last generation, are copies of the typical ones of the early ´900. The processing is done only in presence of an operator. The various parts of the item are assembled with the linking machine, sewing machine etc..

The notch of the neck is made with scissors and everything ends with the finishing touches that are still made by hand with needle and thread. Finally the item is washed to obtain the right softness, and then it is placed on a dummy to find any defects; it is then ironed with steam press and iron; labels and tags of the mark are applied and finally the item of clothing is folded, wrapped and placed in boxes. At this point the item is ready for shipment.