MAGLIFICIO SELENE SRL is a company who works for fashion houses and comes in contact with both design offices and designers.

The company is composed by 18 employees and can boast 40 years of experience that guarantee professionality and competence. The models proposed by our customers are developed inside the company, starting from the research of threads up to the realization of the first prototype. It is at this point that all the skills acquired over the years emerge and that the company proves to be able to assist the designer during the research of:

Besides programming and weaving, inside our company there are cutting and packaging departments (with linear machines, linking machines), ironing department, and each product is finally checked to get the maximum quality and guarantee the Made in Italy. We can also outsource any kind of printing, embroidery, dyeing and processing laboratories in case of any deficiency.
For the weaving stage the company uses PROTTI machines with gauge 14-12-7-5-3 and an advanced software. Instead for the packing stage, the assembly is made entirely by hand. The knitwear factory produces around 300/400 garments per day.